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​STOP animal cruelty in China!

STOP animal cruelty in China!

THE WORLD DOG SHOW is to be held in Shanghai in 2019. 

CHINA are showing that their country cares little for animals via allowing the current HORROR occurring in Yulin - at their DOG and CAT SLAUGHTER FESTIVAL. 

Should this country really be allowed to hold this event? 

If you think that the privilege should be taken away from them please sign and share the petition attached.  

PETITION :  https://www.change.org/p/f%C3%A9d%C3%A9ration-cyno...

WHY ARE CHINA SO CRUEL TO ANIMALS?  http://www.esdaw.eu/dr-li-explains-animal-cruelty-...


STOP Animal Cruelty In China! 

Currently, there are no laws in place in China to prevent unimaginable cruelty to animals or to aid in their welfare.  

The time has come for animal loving people in every country to voice up and send a clear message to China that their appalling displays of animal cruelty are no longer acceptable in the 21st Century. 

TSHIRT CAMPAIGN LINK :  http://teespring.com/stop-animal-cruelty-in-china

Campaign closed

If the WORLD unites and makes a stand and demands that this festival be banned, many innocent lives can be saved,. ALL life is worth fighting for!  It is a disgrace to permit the cruelty and barbaric torture of man's best friend, and all animals --let's get more people to start caring instead of ignoring and turning away. SILENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER - TAKING ACTION IS.

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Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said: "There is a strong hint that the local authorities see the dog festival as more harmful than beneficial to Yulin.  We've long argued that any short-term boost to traders will be small in comparison to the long-term international damage. We also know that for a country increasingly concerned with food safety - dog eating is a big problem.  It's an…

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