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Sad update YULIN June 2015

Despite ALL efforts from many people against the YULIN slaughter fest, 2015 is now well underway and many innocent dogs and cats have lost their lives already.

I for one am totally disgusted that MAINSTREAM MEDIA TV have not as yet given this horror any true PRIME TIME news.

Doesnt this HORROR deserve broadcasting?

Maybe with collective WORLDWIDE outrage this horror would have been stopped this year?

I ASK EVERYONE WHO CARES -TO KEEP SHARING THE NEWS - SIGNING THE PETITIONS GOING AROUND with the hope that in 2016 we will not see another slaughter fest. 

I also give my respect to the kind and compassionate animal loving people of Yulin who are there fighting to end this horror -thankyou.

The Animals S-O-S..  Save our Souls!


Do YOU hear their SOS?

Two sided WHITE TShirt , Tank Top or Hoodie campaign.

LINK :http://teespring.com/the-animals-s-o-s

Campaign closed

If the WORLD unites and makes a stand and demands that this festival be banned, many innocent lives can be saved,. ALL life is worth fighting for!  It is a disgrace to permit the cruelty and barbaric torture of man's best friend, and all animals --let's get more people to start caring instead of ignoring and turning away. SILENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER - TAKING ACTION IS.

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Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson said: "There is a strong hint that the local authorities see the dog festival as more harmful than beneficial to Yulin.  We've long argued that any short-term boost to traders will be small in comparison to the long-term international damage. We also know that for a country increasingly concerned with food safety - dog eating is a big problem.  It's an…

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