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PTSD vet fights back with his experiences

Gung-ho investigator out to prove a decorated veteran a scamming fraud

Private investigator and former combat Marine Joseph Carey is on a mission to prove Veteran Advocate John "Jack" Cunningham to be a fraud and scammer.  Finding one of Jack Cunningham's "June is PTSD Awareness Month" posts in a Facebook group of near 1,600 other Marines, Joseph Carey openly accused Cunningham to the group, of being a self promoting scammer and fraud in his attempt to win pity and public support to obtain federal Veterans disability benefits for PTSD.   

"Jack, you have been promoting yourself for eight years now, I am sure maybe more years than that...Yes, I have seen frauds doing the PTSD thing, and yes, I have seen where some will go from VA to VA until they get a rating, not to very different from what you have been doing for yourself all this time, but, they got their rating, and after all these years, you have not."  Carey wrote in his first posting to Cunningham and the Facebook group of 1,600 U.S. Marines.

Joseph Carey adds in other later post,  "Most of us here are decorated combat vets, one way or another; you are not,..."

Jack Cunningham is somewhat confused why Joseph Carey would take on a mission to disgrace him to Facebook, fellow veterans and the public.  Cunningham served proudly and honorably in the Marine Corps' Combined Action Program, CAP, where he was wounded in three different combat actions and was decorated with the Purple Heart for one of these action's.   Jack lists some of his Vietnam experiences right on the internet at:   http://www.capveterans.com Where, sometimes, hundreds of people might read them a day.   According to current Eartlink's website stats the webpage alone is nearing 48,000 pageviews since January of 2005.  Jack lists them on the internet, so average people can understand how PTSD may develop from a vet's war time experiences.

Jack worked for 17 years after Vietnam  and earned himself a data processing project manager's position in Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield with a staff of 17 professionals.  The salary he lost back then would still be a good salary based on today's economy.  After18 years, he was no longer able to work due to PTSD.  About twelve years later in 2001, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) finally gave Cunningham full disability benefits. Now, 14 years after receiving his veterans PTSD benefits, another former combat Marine and private investigator is out to prove Cunningham is scammingly promoting himself still to this day to achieve those same benefits he already has.

Jack Cunningham is confused and upset about being accused of something he is not, but he is more concerned that Joseph Carey's mission to disgrace him will hurt other PTSD veterans in the group. 

Cunningham calls Joseph Carey dangerous.  It's hard enough to come forward to ask for PTSD help. (22 vets kill themselves a day)  If PTSD vets feel there are people in the corners, who are just waiting to slam them, they will not ask for the much needed help.

Jack Cunningham admits he promotes many veterans causes and he also admits that he promotes a Cause that he has been involved with for over 13 years.  But it has nothing to do with him getting federal VA benefits (Since he started to receive them in 2001) although the cause has to do with PTSD. 

For over thirteen (13) years, Jack has been accusing the State of New Jersey of denying him his Civil Rights to Due Process as the PLAINTIFF in a New Jersey State Corruption case: 


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Stop The Cover-Up In New Jersey Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Ethics TYRANNY starts when court officials judge citizens based on law, yet ignore this same law for themselves and friends. When it comes to government corruption, every citizen loses.  Government corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police…

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A Prayer Request for a decorated, combat Veteran to get Justice from New Jersey State Government.  Vietnam vet Jack Cunningham is asking for prayers, so he can get justice as the 'PLAINTIFF' against a gang of corrupt New Jersey lawyers.  He is bringing his charges to federal court and he finally wants this to get resolved one way or another.   He Needs Your Support...  (no money) PLEASE SIGN…

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