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Next steps: #Justice4Dajerria

It has been more than a week since McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt violently assaulted and unjustly arrested Dajerria Becton and a number of other Black teens at a pool party, and he is yet to be arrested.

Following widespread public outrage, Ofc. Casebolt resigned, but it's not enough. Unless violent and discriminatory officers face criminal charges, they will continue to target and harm Black girls with no fear of consequence.  

Now, we must raise our voices to counter the power of the local police union and ensure Officer Casebolt is brought to justice. Will you call County Prosecutor Greg Willis today and demand he bring criminal charges against Officer Casebolt?

Click here to make the call: http://act.colorofchange.org/call/justice-dajerria...

Click here to tweet at DA Willis: http://shpg.org/176/14272/twitter




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