Marineland treats their employees just as badly as they do their animals

I contacted my employer about the following issues:
My coworker Reiner ( a male janitor) playing pranks on me such as hiding my keys, which prevents me from doing my work,  Reiner's lack of desire to do his work, ( ie he doesn't FEEL LIKE doing his job such as was the case on June 12 we had a severe rain storm which flooded our bathroom floors, well Reiner didn't FEEL like walking uo the hill to the Sky screamer bathrooms to mop up the foot of water on the floor), in addition We ( Reiner and I ) clean both the park and the campground together. we are supposed to leave the park between 12;30-1pm go to the campground clean the bathrooms there and come back. The reason Gary Philips ( my supervisor) paired us together is because Reiner drives whereas I take the bus. The issue is that he is not motivated to do his job at the campground. For instance instead of leaving at 1230, Reiner decides he is going to sit in our janitors room from 1230-1:15pm and talk to Joe as well as our other older male cleaner ( whose name I am unsure of). During this 45 minutes they are talking, and Reiner is eating his chocolate bars. Meanwhile we aren't getting any work done, which causes me difficulty in completing the rest of my work.  The lock on the Skyhawk door not functioning properly, the keys get stuck in it, Also the mop bucket in the King Waldorf camp ground not functioning properly ( the wheels stick it does not roll) therefore you end up sloshing water and chemicals all over. I emailed my HR , they said that I had to talk to my boss Gary Philips. When I spoke to Gary on Saturday June 13- all he did was make excuses for Reiner such as " he's and older guy, give him a break" and " he comes in to work 2 hours before you" and " you have to coordinate with Reiner.  I called HR back and said " if you don't do something about these issues I am calling the MOL.
Today when Reiner hid my keys; Here is what happened: I came into work for 11am went to get my keys- the womens washroom keys were missing. I called HR they couldn't do anything about it.  I spoke to Carmen ( the manager) about it as Gary was not there, Carmen said " there is nothing I can do about it". ... At this point I was so stressed out and afraid of not being able to do my job I was in tears. I asked Reiner when I saw him coming out of the Grand Stand with Joe ( another male janitor) " Reiner do you have the women's keys??" He said No I do not!! So an hour later after multiple calls to Managers and HR, I had a serious headache. I see Reiner again outside the Grand Stand. He starts laughing and beckons me over to him. He then produces the missing keys ( laughing about it) and says " are these the keys you are looking for?" I asked him why he took the keys and he laughs and says" what's the difference??" I tell him that he is being a moron and I walk away. About 10 minutes later he comes to me and says that he is going to do the camp ground alone today. I say " Fine that's great". I proceed to complete my jobs and about 2;50pm I get radioed to come to control, so I obediently go to control. My boss Gary informs me that I am being let go because I supposedly called everyone in the park a moron this is totally false.. I believe I was let go due to retaliatory reasons because I spoke out about the issues with Reiner and asked for them to be addressed 

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