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I wanted to share with most of my fb family members who really stand for Human Rights. I am requesting that we as human beings stand for something's. The last Human violation involving law enforcement have created another violation toward Afro American people. The news showed us racial injustice displayed in a small town in Texas. Yesterday the White parent who struck and fought a 13 Afro American child was suspended from her job. Which was Bank of America!!!! What I'm getting to is we must become education in numbers to fight a cause. I am setting a cause petition to force Bank of America to FIRE their employee who Beat a Afro American child up in that small town in Texas. - for her behavior. As a representative of BofA her actions are deemed unprofessional and appalling. First - Action plan for a peaceful stand force Bank of America to fire this employee by signing my Cause petition. Which will follow on fb or personal emails. The numbers and the signatures will force Bank of America to force her out! We will win if we also acknowledge by taking your $$$$& out of their banks and move to Wells Fargo or your credit unions.

Think of the numbers we would represent?

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