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Indian Army & its Affiliates assault civilians in NorthEast on mere suspicion and the victims were reportedly coerced to sign some documents stating that no harm was inflicted on the victims.

Dimapur | June 8, 2015

Five civilian were picked up on Sunday evening around 6-7 pm by the Assam Rifles from Old MLA Junction area on suspicion of being cadres. They were reportedly taken to their camp at D-Block colony where they were interrogated and brutally assaulted.

From among the five civilians include two student leaders hailing from Khutsami village under Phek district, sources said. They were buying groceries after visiting relatives at a hospital. The other three civilians were in a maroon Bolero going to the market to buy eggs.

The two student leaders and the other three civilians were not related to each other in any way, sources added. Meanwhile, the Bolero reportedly belonged to the personal secretary of a parliamentary secretary.

The civilians were released only on Monday afternoon after the Chakhesang Students Union (CSU) intervened and secured their release.

According to sources, the Assam Rifles alleged that the civilians and students were picked up on grounds of suspicion that they were NSCN (K) cadres out to ‘plant explosives in the area.’

The civilians were manhandled after they were taken into custody. According to a doctor of Naga Hospital Authority Kohima, the five civilians were brought to the Emergency Room (ER) in the morning.

The doctor informed that one of the civilians had severe injuries on the head and the face and was in serious condition. He reportedly passed out right after he was brought in.

The other civilians had swollen eyelids, lacerated lips, bruises and teeth knocked out. There was also indication that they were tied up before being assaulted, the doctor said.

In a contradictory version, Kohima Police when contacted denied that the civilians were physically harassed in any way. A police officer said the civilians, four of them, were handed over to relatives ‘unharmed and in good health’ in the morning. Medical examination found them to be in fit condition, the police added.

A source from another hospital in Kohima stated that three of the civilians who were apprehended by the Assam Rifles came for CT scan, further indicating the severity of the assault meted on them.

Other sources said the civilians were reportedly coerced to sign some documents stating that no harm was inflicted on them and that they were in good health at the time of their release.

KSU condemns ‘torture’:

Meanwhile, the Khütsami Students’ Union (KSU) has strongly condemned the “inhuman act” meted out by the Assam Rifles. The KSU informed that one of the civilians assaulted by the AR is the union’s president.

“On the 7th of June 2015 at around 6:30 pm a unit of Assam Rifle personnel took away our innocent student leaders to their camp without any prior information claiming that they (our student leaders) were from NSCN (K) thereby tortured them that whole night and released them only in the afternoon of Monday,” informed the KSU.

The KSU lamented that the incident has brought “severe tension to the innocent family and the public leaders of the entire society.” “We cannot accept the theme “Friends of the hill people” to any uniform men if such tension were to be brought to the innocent student’s leader and to the innocent civilians in the near future,” it added.

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