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Today in Norway Parliament, Discussed my case and gave an answer that opened the way for some hope to leave israel and come to Norway after the Marriage to Kristin.

Today in Norway Parliament,

They discussed my case and gave an answer that opened the way for some hope to leave israel and come to Norway after the Marriage to Kristin.see the Link,   http://www.abcnyheter.no/nyheter/2015/06/03/225390...

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- A small opening for nuclear whistleblower Vanunu

Norway opens the door very slightly ajar for asylum or emergency passport for the Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu. - We would consider it if it comes an application, says Minister Vidar Helgesen. 

By: Ola Karlsen / ABC News / ABC News Wednesday, 03.06.2015, at. 3:24:16 p.m

After the Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu recently married Kristin Joachimsen, professor at the School of Theology in Oslo, now opens the government to put extra pressure on Israel. - If Mordechai Vanunu or his wife asks for assistance, we will consider it, said Minister Vidar Helgesen Parliamentary question today. ABC News has been in contact with Joachimsen as she says today will try to get in touch with her husband to clarify this. Vanunu was in 1986 sentenced to 18 years in prison for having revealed Israeli nuclear secrets to the British newspaper Sunday Times. He was released in 2004, but did exit ban. That same year he applied for asylum in Norway and several other countries. It later became known that Minister of Local Government Erna Solberg (H) instructed the UDI to reject the application.  - Additional Penalties Helgesen replied on behalf of Foreign Minister Brende after a question from Liv Signe if Norway could assist with passport or other documents. Vanunu wants to leave Israel, after serving his sentence finished. The Israeli judiciary has imposed husband both expression and bevegelsesrestirksjoner. Also read: Vanunu married Norwegian Kristin This said Helgesen appeared to be a form of additional punishment. He said Norway had asked Israel to take humanitarian considerations in this matter, even though the minister also stressed that it was up to the Israeli judiciary to abolish restrictions. She performed followed his written questions by referring to 262 legal experts have pointed out that it will be of great importance if Norway gave Vanunu asylum or emergency passports, regardless of what Israel might think. - We will consider - It is the Israeli ruling that prevents Mordechai Vanunu exit. He has in the recent past not requested Norwegian assistance, but if Vanunu or his wife asks for assistance, we will consider it, said Helgesen who stated that a possible application as would be processed by UDI "as usual." Read also: Norwegian minister was detained for speaking with Vanunu Centre Party foreign policy spokesman, expressed delight over this perfectly answer gave a small opening for Vanunu to get away from Israel. - I would urge the government to make a difference, said Navarsete who thought it would attract international attention if Norway gave nuclear whistleblower asylum or emergency passport - despite the Israeli sanctions against .him.http://www.abcnyheter.no/nyheter/2015/06/03/225390...



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