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Nicole will be testifying on this bill we are hoping on June 4th...... will keep u posted

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Im trying to show these politicians that we would not be happy with this.  If you could please right a yes if you agree with the courts doing this or a NO if you definitely would not.  You may also leave a comment with the reason why you feel this way…..I will be showing Senators and Congress in Washington D.C.

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By signing this petition you will be bringing awareness to the problem at hand.  We will be letting all the Judges, Prosecutors, Attorney Generals, Governors, Congress and The President Of The United States that this is not going to be acceptable no more.  That we want a law written saying that these charges are not allowed to be pleaded out to basic charges anymore.  If there is a sexual…

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When a defendant of a sexual violence case is pleaded out to a lesser charge that has nothing to do with sexual violence he has done, we are putting these defendants back into society to do more horrific crimes to these very innocent victims. So please take this pledge by showing all the employees at the court systems that we will not take this anymore.  And we need to do what is right for the…

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