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UPDATE on documentary funding – From puppy to dinner plate: Man bites dog in first world Korea

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The Korea Observer’s exposé on the dog meat industry in South Korea is going ahead. We have raised just over $10,000 and still have 7 days to secure more vitally needed funds. We also need volunteers.

I am publishing this update at the request of an animal activist who previously disapproved of the purchase of equipment for this documentary out of donations. This is a legitimate concern, which is why I purchased the required equipment for Camera B out of my own pocket. The other expenses are explained below.

The working title I’ve chosen so far is, From puppy to dinner plate: Man bites dog in first world Korea. I am open to ideas about the naming of the documentary. Please comment below.


This will be a mixed, gonzo style documentary that exposes the dog meat industry for what it is to audiences not familiar with this industry in Korea. It will campaign and argue throughout that the consumption of dog meat in its current form in Korea is an outdated practice that does not belong in a developed nation.  Click to continue:  http://www.koreaobserver.com/update-on-documentary-funding-from-puppy-to-dinner-plate-man-bites-dog-in-first-world-korea-28720/

Click to donate:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/an-expose-on-the-dog-meat-industry-in-south-korea/x/10397600

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