William Bird
William Bird campaign leader

Please help me increase enforcement of current and future laws concerning the hunting and poaching of Tigers. Tiger populations had dropped to only 200 to 250 in the wild by 1994 by some estimations. To give an idea of what that would compare to, there would be one Tiger in the wild to every 42,030 people in New York alone. This from an estimation in the start of the 20th century of 100,000. Since 1994, tiger populations have grown to between 5,000 to 7,000 in the wild, thanks to newly enacted laws that have been put into effect. These laws, stopping the poaching of Tigers, and deforestation of their habitats. Tigers are important to their habitats, acting as predators to keep other species lower on the food chain under control population wise. Without Tigers, herbivores would over populate, with an overpopulation of herbivores, plants, trees, and forests would be consumed at a rapid rate. This would take away habitat space for numerous other animals and reducing the amount of natural area. The Tigers are a natural and free way of doing what needs to be done; In addition to that, Tigers are very symbolic religiously, and historically, they increase tourism and are quite treasured. I write because despite current laws, there are still Tigers being hunted and poached. Traps and snares laid for Tigers leave them starving, bleeding, wounded, or worse, creating an excruciating death for them; The traps that are laid for these animals do not discriminate, between Tigers, dogs, cats, or humans. This is a serious problem that must be stopped before Tiger populations once again reach a critical level, or worse yet, die out in the wild.

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