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Parole Hearing June 25, 2015

all our supporters and for those who believe that criminals shouldn’t have more rights than the victims, the day that our family dreaded is quickly

approaching us.  Jeffrey Roberio, the perpetrator that brutally tortured and beat our beloved family member, Lewis (Spud) Jennings, with premeditation, is

scheduled to go before the parole board of Massachusetts on June 25, 2015 at 10 am.  My family and some of our supporters will be present at the parole hearing and

some of the family will be delivering victim impact statements.  Jeffrey Roberio, who savagely beat our beloved family member like an animal, is asking to be granted

parole and a 2nd chance at life. The victim doesn’t have that opportunity. And never will. The family members now have to face this animal again, for the 3rd time in their lives

since Jeffery Roberio took a human beings life. We are living a life sentence and the thought of Jeffrey Roberio not doing the same is sickening.  To anyone that would like to

support the victim’s family in their fight for justice, and would like to attend the parole hearing, the hearing is open to the public. You need to contact the parole board

2 weeks before the hearing to let them know that you will be in attendance. Another way you to show your support to this family or any family who is going through the emotional devastation of

losing a loved one to a heinous crime, is write the MA parole board to show your support. We thank each and every one of you who has and continues to support us in our fight for justice.  This is something no one should ever have to endure.   Thanks again for supporting us. We greatly appreciate it.

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