Thank You for Helping Us Exceed Our Goal

Thanks to your generosity over the past month, we have exceeded our $10,000 goal for the Bhutanese American Project. On Friday, we were just short of meeting our goal...thanks to the many of you who pitched in over the weekend, we have now raised over $14,000 to support Bhutanese Hindu Americans! The full amount is not reflected on this cause page because we received checks and separate online donations.

The HAF family is deeply appreciative of your commitment to aiding the resettlement of Bhutanese Hindu refugees. We specially wish to thank the Gummakonda Reddy Foundation for donating over 50% of our stated goal for this project for the second year in a row.  

So, what’s next?

In the coming weeks, we will release the application which Bhutanese American organizations must complete and submit to receive grants. We are committed to providing at least $8,000 of direct grants for Bhutanese-initiated programs to ease the community's transition to the US while helping preserve their language, culture, and religion.  If you are working with your local Bhutanese community, please be on the look out for our grant applications.

At least $2,000 will be allocated to advocacy efforts for the community. In June, a number of Bhutanese Americans will be joining HAF at our annual DC Advocacy Days to meet with Congressional officials and advocate for their needs.  From the funds collected through this project, we are subsidizing their transportation and lodging as most cannot afford the full costs associated with attending the event.       

The additional $4,000 you have donated will be divided between direct grants and advocacy efforts. As we witnessed last year, the grant applications moved us to provide more support. We anticipate this year’s applications will do the same.   

Rest assured, we will keep you abreast of the grants and advocacy work that your generosity is funding.  

Once again, thank you for your support and commitment, 

The HAF Family

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