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Every Dollar You Donate to the Bhutanese American Project Will be Doubled

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Make your support of Bhutanese Hindu refugees count twice today!  The Gummakonda Reddy Foundation will match up to $6,000 in support of the Bhutanese American Project.  Build on this momentum by donating today.

Imagine being banned from speaking your native language, practicing your religion, and celebrating your culture. Then, you are exiled by your government and forced into an overcrowded refugee camp that holds over 16,000 people in a few square miles. Everyday, you see children dying due to malnutrition and disease. In the midst of hopelessness, you receive the opportunity to rebuild your life in America. 

After enduring decades of trauma, you and your family migrate to the United States to resettle. However, your struggle continues as you try to acclimate to a new culture and language.  Some of your fellow community members suffer from severe depression and even commit suicide. Others fall victim to evangelical churches who prey on the unassuming refugees.  

This is the grim reality for the Bhutanese American community, but you can make a difference.  

Support the Bhutanese American Project and help HAF provide critical grants that will aid the Bhutanese community in preserving their culture and religion by procuring space for religious gatherings and social services, visiting Hindu temples and other cultural institutions, and creating youth mentorship programs and field trips.  

Make your donation count twice by making a contribution today.

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