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​West Papuan flag raised in Jakarta 1st May

West Papuan flag raised in Jakarta 1st May

West Papuans raise the West Papuan national flag, the Morning Star in Jakarta. Papuans like Filep Karma are jailed for 15 years by the Indonesian government just for doing this. Despite these dangers, West Papuans continue to raise the national flag to show the world that they want freedom. 

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A new article in The Age - theage.com.au by Jennifer Robinson, the co-founder of International Lawyers for Wets Papua (ILWP)
"If only Australia's outrage at the death penalty was directed at Indonesia's execution of West Papuans without due process. Hundreds of thousands of West Papuans have been murdered by Indonesia's security services. Without the benefit of legal defence or their day in court, West Papuans are killed on mere suspicion or, worse, for simply expressing a political opinion. Headlines about the execution of the Bali nine pair screamed that Jokowi has blood on his hands – but we only care if it's Australian blood. No one seems to care when it's our Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel friends and Anzac allies just 300 kilometres north of our shores." "If we, as Australians, are opposed to the death penalty, shouldn't we also be outraged about the fact that Australia is accused of providing financial, operational and forensic assistance to Indonesian "death squads" in West Papua? As the ABC has reported, an elite counter-terrorism unit called Detachment 88, funded and equipped by Australia, has been involved in tortures and killings in West Papua as part of operations by the Indonesian authorities to stamp out the West Papuan independence movement and assassinate its leaders." "The simple fact is: we are against the death penalty in Indonesia when it's applied to our citizens with due process. We will even recall our ambassador in protest to make sure voters at home know this and see that objection. But we aren't against Indonesians killing West Papuans without any due process. In fact, we will help Indonesia to kill them by providing training and support to their "death squads" - and our ambassador will be celebrated in Jakarta for it. At least, when he is allowed to go back." http://www.theage.com.au/…/bali-nine-executions-h...

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