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Plan To Help #SaveDallas All Dallas Fans Need to Check Out This Latest Post PLEASE!!!!

#SaveDallasCampaignKickingUpASormThisWeekend There is a plan to #SaveDallas, and Highlight Hollywood is promoting the idea. :) Please click on the link above to read the article posted today in blue letters and click on the video I made to share it on all social media sites to get the news out there to the rest of the fans soon as possible!!!! Please use the hashtags #SaveDallas2015 and #DallasFansVisitDallas week when sharing this video on twitter. The video link is also posted in the article as well. Please comment if you're planning on joining us for "Dallas Fans Visit Dallas Week," if the idea gets taken off the ground. It's very important to let me know!!!!! Thank you!!! :) We'll keep you all posted. Highlight Hollywood will be publishing another #SaveDallas story tomorrow so stay tuned.


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