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This past September, we launched the Out of Fashion campaign, urging fifteen major fashion brands to make sure that their fabrics don’t contain forest destruction and human rights abuses. For years, this controversy had gone unnoticed -- but not any more!

Thousands have signed petitions, stickered controversial products and sent tweets during Fashion Week. While some brands are starting to respond, some of the worst companies have not taken action.

As of today, we’re focusing on the most famous, and most destructive, laggard in the industry: Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand with a huge reach. It has the power to eliminate controversial fiber and suppliers, such as Sateri and Royal Golden Eagle Group. And if Ralph Lauren steps up, other brands will follow.

We are going to be building this campaign over the next few months, demanding Ralph Lauren protect forests and human rights by tracing its supply chain, eliminating the worst actors, and adopting a policy. Join the fight now by adding your voice!

Thank you so much for all you do.


Campaign closed

Together, we can make sure that Ralph Lauren hears our message: It's time to eliminate forest destruction and human rights abuses from fashion. The fashion industry has a dirty secret – forests across the world are being destroyed, processed into pulp, and being used to create the fabrics we wear every day. To make popular fabrics, including rayon and viscose, forests are cut down to make way…

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