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Heartbreaking situation as we await release of 800 cats - China

This week our very own Sophie has been in China in an outreach mission with her colleague Mary H. She paid for her own trip so that all donations can go directly to rescues and activists. 

For the last 3 nights she has been on the ground with the Shanghai animal protection activists who I know personally. They were staking out a warehouse stuffed with over 800 cats bound for slaughter. 

At first the mission went well as the loaded truck was stopped. Sophie then spent a further sleepless night negotiating with the Chief of Police to secure the cats release.She managed to get the firemen to unload the crates and activists tried to give food and water. 

Now, the police refuse to hand over the cats still packed tightly in cages. They want the Ministry of Agriculture to intervene. This would mean a certain death for many and we are trying to stop this.

The only way is press and international pressure.

Please visit our Facebook page for actions you can do.


If you can please donate to Sophie's fundraise so we can help the cats saved. The remainder of the money will go to the activists on the ground to help them continue their work.


 We gave the activists our word we would not leave them and we won't. Sophie never set out to be a rescuer yet she is a hero to us all. 

                        We can all make a difference so let's try !

 NoToDogMeat is the global campaign of the Uk registered charity 1154524

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade



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