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32,000 rounds of Medicare Rebated ECT Shock Treatment administered to Australians in 2014, mainly to women.
With and Without Consent, and for Children, With and Without Parental or Guardian Consent.
Greens opposed ECT shock treatment, especially for Children.
There is no oversight by the State Government of Psychiatrist practices in Private Hospitals. These rules only apply to Public Hospitals and Public Mental Health facilities.
On May 7th 2015 the Victorian Mental Health Act Amendments were reviewed by the Upper House and passed.
The Mental Health Act 2014 Part 5 Treatment Division 5 Electroconvulsive treatment 94 Application to perform electroconvulsive treatment on a young person p.91
and defines Electroconvulsive Treatment
means the application of electric current to specific areas of a
person's head to produce a generalised seizure;

http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au Mental Health Act 2014
This Victorian Bill
reintroduces Shock Treatment WITH OR WITHOUT Parent or Guardian Consent for Children.
This is directly AGAINST the UN Charter of Human Rights Rights of the Child.
23.b. (b) Violence in the guise of treatment
(for example electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) and electric shocks used as “aversion treatment” to control children’s behaviour. Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The World Health Organization (2005) advises that ECT should be used only with the informed consent of the patient or their guardian, if their incapacity to consent has been established.
There is no Review by Parliament of the practice for 5 years.
This treatment destroys memory at a bare minimum.
It can be targeted very specifically at parts of the brain, for instance, at facial recognition.
By treating a suicidal adolescent who has been sexually abused, the capacity of the child to identify the predator is destroyed.
It was previously used widely by Institutions to cover up Child Sex Abuse in Victoria Australia, as well was lobotomies.

The Federation of Community Legal Centres called on the Napthine Victorian Government to reject this Amendment which would allow psychiatrists to use electric shock therapy on children.
Senior policy adviser, Dr Chris Atmore, says the legislation erodes patients' human rights.
"We're concerned about the possible impact on children's developing brains," she said.
"This is really a once-in-a-generational time to get things right in terms of acknowledging and supporting the human rights of people who either have mental illness or are labelled as being mentally ill."
Dr Atmore says the draft for the new bill included a proposal to ban the treatment, but that suggestion was not taken up by the Government.

She says the legislation has inadequate complaint procedures and has removed the power of the Mental Health Tribunal to review patient treatment plans, including medical prescriptions.

"Mental health legislation in Victoria is the oldest in the country and in many ways quite anachronistic," she said.
"Other jurisdictions overseas have really moved more towards an approach that more clearly recognises the human rights of people with mental illness and that people with mental illness should not be treated any differently to people with other forms of illness."

Ernest Hemingway, American author, committed suicide shortly after ECT at the Mayo Clinic in 1961. He is reported to have said to his biographer, "Well, what is the sense of ruining my head and erasing my memory, which is my capital, and putting me out of business? It was a brilliant cure but we lost the patient...."[112]
Shock treatment is a Mickey Mouse procedure which has been used to induce compliance in patients, via fear of being 'treated' again.
My photo above is The Mickey (2006) by Colin Suggett the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park.



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