Update #30 ·

Remembering Spike

Today as is sit down to write I am amazed that Bandfield is still open. Why is it no one cares that this company hurts and kills pets. Everyday without my love bug is a day my heart is a bit more broken. Some may say he was just a pet move on but he was family, because he had paws and fur didn't diminish his value in our family. People need to change the way they view animals and the abuses they endure.  Animals have souls just as we do they feel they love and when taken or lost they are missed. I will never stop telling my Spikes story because I will never forget him.  I miss the cuddles the kisses that moment in the morning when I would hear him at the side of my bed and I would look down to see him waiting for me to pick him up so we could sleep together. He knew when I was sad or sick and was always there with that unconditional love and until the day I leave this earth I will never let him be forgotten


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