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Too many Bhutanese Hindu refugees resettling here in America have been on the receiving end of predatory proselytization and other pressures -- facing what in many ways is a second round of religious persecution. You can help stop this.

“They wanted to get married but did not know how. They met a Pastor that guided them to a Church where they could get married, even though the Pastor knew they were Hindu. The Bhutanese thought it was part of the American culture to get married in the Church. The Pastor told the Bhutanese that they need to be Baptized in order to get married, to which again the Bhutanese thought it was part of the American culture. The Bhutanese just wanted to be accepted in the community and get married but did not know that they were being converted to Christianity. Upon realizing this after a conversation with their own Bhutanese community, the Bhutanese felt ashamed and betrayed. The result was suicide.”


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