Chew Tok Hwa
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A real caring and loving society is how people in the society treat animals. Yes, you can be a loving and caring person who insists to be a vegetarian. You can be a non-vegetarian who concerns about the welfare of animals. I am not a vegetarian but concern about them just like I concern about human being. Human being can talk to themselves but not animals. Human being have votes to select who can govern them but not animals who are helpless. I always think that those who care for animals are real men. They get nothing back from animals. Not even a "thank you". Contribute to animals show that you are a real caring and loving person who does not want anything back.
Why should we help animals? They are parts of the world and live together with us. Respect their habitat just like we respect people's home. Protect them just like we protect the weak, the young, the disable...
Thanks to those who can spend a little of their time to read and sign the petition for animals.

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