Timothy Moran
Timothy Moran campaign leader

We are creating this petition to ask the house of delegates to create SMMPAS(Social Media Missing Persons Alert System). The beautiful young lady pictured was considered a non life threatening situation because she didn't meet the national criteria to warrant an alert to her disappearance until after 26hrs. The time that past could have made the difference.

Support the Bring AJ Home Bill

The average missing persons alert takes on average 26 hours, with SMMPAS, an alert can be given within a 15 minute time frame using existing ad approval review times on PAGES. It would take many individuals, funding and resources to implement and maintain these types of cases.

The difference in this timing could have been crucial to her well being or being recovered. Through the knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the help of local media outlets. We were able to reach the nation within a little over a week with her information. But it wasn't enough. With your help we can make a difference in countless families and loved ones lives.

It is vital that we reach as many people as possible to present this petition to the House of Delegates. YOUR SIGNATURE CAN MEAN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE OR DEATH FOR ONE OF YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS. Every second counts...



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