Mitchell Nicholas Gerber
Mitchell Nicholas Gerber campaign leader

Chinese physicians and police conspire here in a horrific, though well-documented, phenomenon in China: forcible organ harvesting. It has been called by one prominent human rights lawyer, “a new form of evil on this planet.” This victim, as with so many like him, was not given adequate anesthesia or medical care; his body, in the hands of a cruel regime, is but a collection of profitable parts. The painting is based on actual testimony from the spouse of a Chinese doctor who partook in these acts. Standing back (at right), the doctor pauses, immobile, upon sensing the victim’s humanity: a small Falun Gong pin has fallen from the victim’s pocket in the struggle, along with a note written to his mother, wishing her well. Investigators fear that several thousand Falun Gong adherents have been subjected to this form of unfathomable barbarity.

Organ Crimes
Oil on Canvas (41 x 41 inches) 2007年, Xiqiang Dong



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