Sheetal Shah
Sheetal Shah campaign leader

The highly acclaimed documentary, The Refugees of Shangri-La: The Untold Story of Bhutanese Refugees, produced and directed by Doria Bramante, has highlighted the plight of the Bhutanese Hindus.

In the shadow of Bhutan's lofty ideal of Gross National Happiness and it's golden image as the "Last Shangri-la" hide 107,000 people who fled a militaristic insurgency as their peaceful kingdom turned against them. With their villages burning behind them, men, women, children and grandparents fled into the Indian jungles, bewildered, never to return to the land they love.

After twenty years living in bamboo huts and barbed wire parameters-making a nationless cage a place to raise children and bury parents, the Refugees of Shangri-la break a solution-less cycle and brave a new course, due west.

The film follows a community, packed for a journey that will take them across the world to a place called America.

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