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This is my replication of the man - Winston Churchill - who fought cruelty and injustice on a global basis, throughout his life. He enabled people in the UK to have recourse to what we now know as the *Safety Net*, under which nobody will ever have to starve, as also the National Health Service, whereby free surgery and medication is made available to everyone in the UK, or who happens to visit our shores. He was also a man who detested Fascist-style sadism and cruelty, and who was an advocate for World Understanding and World Peace. Most of all, he detested field sports such as hunting, and I feel sure that - because of this - he would also have felt the same way where the savage and primitive sport of Bull-Fighting is concerned. You could compare this evil pastime to the way the Nazis had not only the Jews, but also 79 million people, out of Germany's WWII 80 million-strong population held as prisoners-of-fear under the Swastika, and how along with Six Million Jews, many other innocent Germans met a similar fate under the cruel and sadistic Jack-boot of Nazism. Churchill mobilised the English Language, and sent it into battle to combat and ultimately defeat this grotesque and unacceptable inequity, and that is why I always uphold Winston Churchill as the champion of all who believe in peace, decency and fair treatment for all animals; Human and otherwise, because - in the eyes of our Creator, who made us all - we are all deserving of just that !


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What AnimalsTrust NPO is asking to Spanish Government: 1. We want the Spanish Government to interfere and create effective and strict laws to protect the bulls lives. 2. Bullfighting must be banned in Spain. 3. Awareness banners and posters about the Bulls need to be put up in every possible areas around Spain, where the killing is on the highest range. When a country treats animals with…

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