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My Journey of Hope and Healing after Abortion

A Book by Dianne Wagner

My Story

I Wish I did have a different story to share with
you, but I don’t. It is even hard for me to know where
to begin. It needs to be told, however, because I am
only one of millions who have walked this valley of
trouble. Yet, after years of lonely incompleteness, I have
experienced the Lord’s redemptive power in my life. I
know what God means now when He tells us that He
can make all things, that which we are either victim to
or that which we suffer because of our own decision,
work together for good. It took me a long time to
experience this though. Thirty years. That is very sad to
me, and I do not want any of you waiting that long. He
took a mess like me, showed me His redemptive love
and power and then gave me a message! That is why I
am telling my story.

When I was twenty-five I became pregnant. It
was six months away from my wedding day. To make
matters worse I had undergone a series of X-rays on my
lower back. It was required for work. When the tech.
asked me if there was any chance I could be pregnant, I
just told her no. My husband to be and I had only been
intimate once. Just once. Once too many. I would do
things differently now, but I can only pass along these
lessons and hope that you learn from them.


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