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PLEASE JOIN THE CAMPAIGN FOR HARRYS LAW IN MEMORY OF HARRY PROCKO EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO READ THIS TRAGIC STORY On the 23rd of June 2014 our beautiful son gained his angel wings as a result of a tragic series of events which must never be allowed to happen again Harry was only 4 years old and severely autistic and could not speak for himself was severely let down after being kept waiting for 9 hours at the Nottingham QMC for blood tests and an ECG test. We made the difficult decision to return home with him for the evening after it became apparent that no tests were to be performed over night and Harry was becoming very distressed at being kept waiting in unfamiliar surroundings for 9 hours so in agreement with the drs Harry was allowed home to rest. On returning the next day these tests which may have saved our 4 year old boys life were again not carried out the dr discharged Harry instead claiming no tests or treatments were needed. Little Harry passed away 48 hours after being discharged from Nottingham QMC without the medical attention that obviously was needed it was I his daddy that found him. How can you help you may ask we are running a campaign to make sure that this can never happen again please find us on face book type rip little Harry into the face book search bar you can find the full story there along with our campaign type the name Harry Procko into Google you will find stories there too please join our campaign and sign the petition on line help us protect future generations this was not an isolated case this is happening all the time

Daniel Robbins

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