Update #1 ·

Planning in Effect

The trip itself will begin in Kenya, with the first camp at Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley -- the “cradle of humanity.”  While there, we will spend some time adjusting to the 8+ hour time difference and the climate, experiencing the local people and their culture, and finally, climb Mount Longonot, a freestanding volcano much smaller than Kilimanjaro, to experience working at an increased altitude.  From there to Hell’s Gate National Park, also in the Rift Valley, where we will hike and spend a day at a traditional Maasai village.  We’ll then go to the refugee camp of the Kikuyu people, who survivors of an attempted genocide six years ago where they lost their traditional land.  We’ll provide help as volunteers in the camp, a humbling and enriching experience for our youth and adults alike.  Some Eagles Nest Center Board members will remain at the Kikuyu camp, while the climbing group heads for Tanzania.

  Once we reach Kilimanjaro, we will begin our climb and spend seven days on the mountain, accompanied by a local guide.  After the climbing group has accomplished its mission, we will return to Kenya, rendezvous with the volunteers who stayed at the camp at Amboseli National Preserve in the Rift Valley and there, we will rest, reconnect, experience the wildlife of Africa, and prepare for the journey home.

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