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Israel is God's chosen people. Israel (Jewish people) helped to fund monies when our country was beginning and seperating itself fro England. The Jewish people have added so much to the world and even thoug they are still waiting for the Messiah to come they are still God's chosen people. If we as a nation turn our back on God's chosen people what do you think God will do to us as a nation? I love the same God they worship although I do believe the Messiah, my Savior Jesus Christ has already come and saved me from my sins He is still the same God who created this earth and all planets, He provides FO ALL my needs as He does theirs and just as we have the freedom to protect ourselves from ALL attacks both foreign and domestic then I believe Israel has the same right. No man has the right to change what I believe nor do we have the right to go in an destroy what the nation of Israel has worked so hard to hold on to. They have repeatedly given up land to the Palistinians that God originally given toe them. The promised land. If it's God's chosen land and the Jews, Israelites are His people then what do you think He will do to her enemies? We should tremble in our shoes for the day of reckoning is coming.my Savior is a Jew and Israel is God's chosen people. I CHOOSE to stand with my God and MY Savior.

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