Jesper Joergensen
Jesper Joergensen campaign leader

... People that want Cannabis 'legalized' instead of a repealed prohibition are really bargaining for a 'nanny' state..
- If you don't trust anyone with a harmless AND beneficial plant - you're either manipulated or just plain stupid - or you might be one of the greedy, ignorant investor/voters that just do what your politicians tells you..
- If you anyway, have realized that they have been lying about the benefits of f.ex. Cannabis to everyone for decades to protect the capital investments of other industries,- can you really believe that they will do a 'good job' for YOU and yours in the future?? ..Then STOP BACKING ANY KIND OF POLITICIANS - they got elections, student loans and mortages etc. to pay for so they will NOT want to provide any resolve - as that would also leave them out of a job.
- Legalization is just another law begging for conflict of interests and corruption - and by that the usual monopolization and the lesser quality of produce.
- short,- if you want to let Big Biz run your life, - 'Just legalize it!'..
- We really need to start thinking about having 'tree-huggers', bloggers, activists etc. to represent us and our fundamentaly important environment - and by that indirectly our health and ability to survive - before everything is sold off to the highest bidder.
- You legalize it,- they'll monopolize it.

Repeal Cannabis prohibition.

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