Sammi John
Sammi John campaign leader

Sangai deer are listed as endangered by IUCN. They are found in the state of Manipur in the marshy wetlands of the threatened Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Eastern India and one of the seven Ramsar sites of International importance. The deer are threatened by poaching, fishing activities, reduction in food, inbreeding and disease, flooding of habitat and drowning. Through this project, Community Development Organisation (CDO) would prevent destruction of Sangai habitat by encroachment, overexploitation of habitat resources and poaching through environmental education programmes. Food shortages and drowning caused by flooding in rainy seasons would be addressed by planting 50,000 Sangai food plants and constructing dry shelters in elevated locations. Vaccination will be given to the deer for communicable diseases as well as treatment for sick animals. Finally, 4 watch towers will be constructed to enable volunteers to identify any dangers and poaching activities, and tourists to view the Sangai and the surrounding habitats.


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