Ekóham Bahusyam
Ekóham Bahusyam campaign leader

My dear other selves around the world,

We are now 707 selves towards 144,000 - who, I assume are ready to surrender to the Mulitple ONE Consciousness and give up everything to join the CAUSE of HUMAN UNITY. Welcome into the inevitable course of evolution. Let us evolve colletively in the LOVE DIVINE.

I would LOVE to know, that among our present 614 supporters how many of YOU are ready to come down to India and live in a prototype Universal eco-floating complex? it will be 100% solar, wind, hydro powered, pollution free and self-sustaining. A first-step towards realizing "A DREAM" - without involving either Government of India or UN - beyond borders, religion and race, politics and money. A Multiple One conscious family, who work to express each one's unique capacity freely and to serve the Divine in ALL, replacing all positions, power, money with a unique capacity of each one of us, to give to our other selves, and to manifest the Divine Consciousness in Matter and the Life.

I've a prototype plan ready within me. It's about 100 m x 100 m in diameter in a Golden Tortoise shape.


Auro Galaxy Auro Immortality (AGAI) Twin Universal Eco-Floating Cities


1. AGAI is possessed by none and enjoyed by All, in the Multiple Oneness of the Divine Consciousness.
2. All those who are ready for unconditional love and a complete Surrender to the multiple One Consciousness are welcome to live in AGAI.
3. AGAI is a Universal floating cities on the sea, that aim at progressive unfolding of the spirit through an unending education, psychic youth, towards the genetic engineering and mutation of death in the Fourth Dimension of the cellular consciousness.
4. AGAI will be a cradle of the New Age and New Species, taking advantage of all the technology, boldly spring towards the inevitable future of Love and Oneness through the MAGIC of our Golden Change.
5. AGAI will be a pioneering cities in the International waters of the Sea towards the Immortality and the Life Divine - Transformation of the human into the Divine by the Divine Consciousness.


Here below are links to promising floating designers who can help us in realizing our eco-floating complex.


Koen Olthuis, founder of Water Studio in Netherlands, is my Facebook friend and I'm in touch with him for the past 2 yrs, who has been VERY enthusiastic to come down to India, to design and build it here with local work force.


Ekoham Bahusyam (Shiva)


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