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The Seas Will Soon Be Silent

The seas will soon be silent,
For underneath the waves,
No more are oysters boisterous,
But one foot in their graves,
The starfishes are starving,
Their food no longer grows,
And crabs are crawling crabwise,
Bemoaning crabby woes,
The little fish that used to feast
On shoals of shrimpy folk,
Now find their meals taste funny -
That’s not funny as in joke;
While bigger fish, that took their
Small companions for a bite,
Are going green about the gills,
And vanishing from sight.

The water they relied upon,
That was so clean and pure,
Is choking up with effluent
And slurry and manure;
A thousand deadly chemicals,
That animals can’t touch,
Like Cadmium and Mercury,
And Nitrogen and such,
Contaminate the oceans,
And poison all the seas,
And kill off all its denizens,
By toxin and disease.
As Phthalates leach from plastic,
Discarded by the prosperous,
The problem’s gotten drastic
From Vancouver to the Bosphorus.

Yes, the seas will soon be silent,
From the surface to the bed,
And everything within it
Will be absolutely dead.

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