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If you don't have a Fenced yard,or have the time to walk your Dog around the block,or stand outside while your dog go's to the bathroom,then DON'T Get a Dog!!! Dogs who are Chained up in a yard become Victims! Other dogs Attack them,people STEAL them,they get stuck on things in the yard,can HANG themselves,and can't reach their food or water dish!! Would you want to be CHAINED UP to a tree all day?? In the HOT Sun,without water? Or in the COLD of Winter,with Frost Bite on your paws?? No I don't think so ! Be RESPONSIBLE!! Treat your Dog with Love and RESPECT! I Fenced in my back yard! I have a Lock on the gate,this way My Dogs are Protected from roaming dogs,and people who'd Steal or Hurt them! Invest in your Furry Friend,after all they are part of your Family! Love my dogs!!

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