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4 years ago tomorrow, my son Declan Crouch disappeared from Cairns

There was so much publicity it seemed like the whole country was looking for him.  The story even reached overseas. Eventually his body was discovered in mangroves, not far from our home.  At age only 13, he had taken his own life.

A year later, I set up the Declan Crouch Fund, through the Dr Edward Koch Foundation. 

I am his mother, Ruth, and it's unbearable to think of even one more young person being lost this way.  Nor can I bear the thought that other families or friends have to endure the pain and grief we have. 

Research has shown that many young people who suicide tell their friends of their intention to suicide, as was the case for Declan.  It is crucial that we educate young people so they know to tell an adult, and what to do. 

The Fund has successfully lobbied and petitioned for better mental health facilities in FNQ, one of its three main aims. 

But the project closest to my heart is the Life Youth Workshop, developed by the Koch Foundation and the Declan Crouch Fund. 

Can you believe that there is no school in Australia where suicide prevention is directly tackled?  There is too much fear that talking about it will cause it, like sex education in the 'old days'.  And yet in the year 2011-12, in Queensland alone, 20 people between the ages of 10 and 17 years suicided.

Our aim is to  prove with our program this crucial education can be done safely.  We need to start NOW! Every day that goes by and every suicide of a young person that I hear about in FNQ (please believe it is much more common than we think), hurts so bad.  Maybe, just maybe, that loss could have been prevented if our program was already running. 

What is holding us up? Funding.....if everyone who signed the petition gave just $5 or $10 we would be able to say "Green Light, let's go!"  Can you please help? 

Please donate at this link:


The motto of the Declan Crouch Fund is "Together we can save lives".

With our program in every school in Australia think about just how many......

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