Luana Obregon
Luana Obregon campaign leader

The NYCHA BAN has given all these dogs to URGENT PART 2 DEATH ROW DOGS I do not know how they select the dogs but they put it on here give people 24 hours to call in. If no one calls they get killed. The one I love (I cant have my land lord would make me move) But he growled and labeled sterotype and no one will take him because of his restructions. All this and the killing and the distance has to stop please help me and sign this. After seeing this I am asking for more signatures copy and paste please PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING MEETING WITH AN ACTIVIST THIS COMMING WEEK. I FOUND OUT I CANT DO AMYTHING FOR 3 READOPN. 1) I AM NOT FROM NYC 2) THE MAYOR HAS TO DO WITH THIS.. DOES ANYONE KNOW A NYC ACTIVIST OE ADVOCATE THAT CAN TAKE THIS OVER AND HELP ME?



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