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PAPUA-TONGA CONNECTION: The 1936 photo is of Prince Taufa'ahau Tupoulahi (King Tupou IV) from the Kingdom of Tonga and 2 Christian missionaries Rev. Paula Havea (left) & Rev. Sionatane Tu'imeleke Fonua (right) in Sydney Australia, before departing for their Papua mission. Sionatane is my great uncle who sacrificed the last 10 years of his life to spreading the Christian faith in Papua from 1936 until his death in 1946. He worked in Wailagii (Bwaidoga), Kalokalo, Watuluma, Salamo and Dobu. Sionatane also risked his life by helping U.S. soldiers (against the Japanese) during World War 2. This led to being granted a special pass on-board the US ship Zanana by DO Captain Allan Timperley for his transporting of food supplies to all church quarters in Goodenough Island. When the war broke out, Australian church headquarters ordered all missionaries to return back to their various homelands, but the Tongans refused, and volunteered to stay behind. In 1941, "The Sionatane Tu'imeleke Fonua Library" was named in honor of his dedication to the locals. After the war, when church leaders returned, they were amazed that it seemed the war did not affect the Tongans in spreading the gospel, as well as building houses etc. Sionatane comes from a family of builders in Tonga. His father 'Amini Fonua was in charge of building the Wesleyan's Zion Church in Kolomotu'a Tonga. Some of our descendants are named "Ofa-ki-Papua" meaning Love-to-Papua, in memory of his sacrifices in Papua. Tupou College (which will be commemorating 150 years in 2016) also named the "Meleke Fonua House" in his memory as he also excelled in academics and sports. I know the MEDIA can make a huge difference. Please help FREE the people of West Papua. YOU CAN HELP BY SIGNING THE PETITION... Green "Sign" link on the right. God Bless & Best Wishes. Email: [email protected]


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