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episode of Purple is the New Black -- police brutality

Local -  police are great. all maya. honest. my narco cop was from Reynosa dressed in local uniform and his sadist trainee with no gun also - tried to e rescue Bonito,  thoughbred horse who turns out to be a Dressad horse as he showed me is prancing steps. I could not leave public land so we cooed from about 12 ft apart - he is blazing sun, tied up, no water, no food. and my dog, Houdini Ixim ran around and found Dango, the 14 month Rotweiller puppy - all 180 lbs -- so he too hidden, no water, no food in hot sun.

anyway .. ir is amazing how quickly you adapt to prison life - in 3 hours I had it - counting steps-figuring out how to sleep on a concrete floor --- 2 pieces of newspaper to insulate my feet, small folded cloth for my touche, sandals stacked as a pillow, arms and hands inside of stretchable top, 1 liter coke bottle filled with water to support my legs or back, and asleep! eating like a pig standing up was easy - no food just contraband handed to you by nice guards - water as well - nissan noodles hidden in bag and cover with my newspaper - three meals with that cup - trusted guys get to wander freely around - all wanted to be my new boyfriend - explained I am on the good side, you are on the bad side - no way!, one masturbating until I found out his name was Jesus and said I was Ave Maria - so hide that from your mom, right - learning how to use a bathroom not made for women and pretty public --found a square plastic container from cakes, I guess, and used that down where I could not be seen - no beds, seats, blankets, nor uniforms --

Do I do not know if they rescued Bonito, the Dressad Thoughbred or not - will be a condition today if not - or Dango the bear hugging Rotweiller - want him to be mine so he can be loved and protect the patio at night - and that was my last 24 hours. Photo album added later - need to connect my phone to laptop and hurt too much to walk downstairs again right now. Awful. can see every fingerprint, heel stomp and more!

pray for us, support us and help make this go viral. Claudia still scared as a rabbit, we all need funding, I have not penny but for myself I need less than $2,000 usd - the rest to her foundation to rescue exotic and zoo animals - and mind to rescue trouble kids - guess why I was sent there. Now I have onhands eperience this is not where you wish to be for a year or longer!

Peace be with you. Also we will support the local good cops and the federal and paramilitary cops - boy are they ready to pounce - abusing a woman and one of their own - watch out narco cops - they are now on hyped up mission! Pray for them - they put their lives at stake everyday making our neighborhoods and cities safe or safer for us. Be careful in the USA -ISIS is there and these Mexican-American ISIS on Steroids and a drugh bomb will be there next!

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