We Won Net Neutrality!

We did it! Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 in favor of strong net neutrality rules! It's a true example of how the Internet has changed the rules for what is and isn't possible in Washington, DC, and that's exactly what we're fighting to defend. 

Here's what our campaign director Evan Greer told the New York Times just now: "This shows that the Internet has changed the rules for what can be accomplished in Washington." 

Evan's right! Washington insiders said it couldn't be done. But the public (you!) got loud in protest, the FCC gave in, and we won strong, Title II net neutrality rules! Time to celebrate!

What's next (after celebrating of course)? Now Comcast is furious. They want to destroy our victory with their massive power in Congress. You won net neutrality, now we've got to defend it! 

Please join our new campaign for Congress to defend net neutrality!

From the entire Fight For The Future team, thank you for all of your incredible work and support!


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