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New UFOC civilization milestone for the Lord

From CNN on Mars One Project more than 100,000 want to go to Mars and do not return in the one-way trip to Mars. Now the candidates are limited to 100 people. At last four candidates will be be sent to Mars and stay on Mars till death. Stephen Hawking also instructs that people go to Mars and do not return due to the expensive cost of one billion USD and a half to two billion USD for one-way trip to Mars. Mars One Project tells public that money is more important than life and people should answer for the inept technologies to sacrifice their lives of Earth flowering. In fact this is colony fraud then murder for the money and by the name of glory contribution to the whole world and human being history.

The Lord never aborts anyone of our people, so we people must not abort anyone of ourselves.
The Lord has to carry out the redemption of the inculpable lives in Mars One Project: Stop Mars One Project or develop a new tech that can send them to the Mars and also bring back to the Earth. So we must refuse one-way trip to Mars or any others, then we have to turn to two-way trip or multiple-way trip to Mars and other outer spaces.

Fortunately, we do have the three full sets of UFOC(Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft: 1st Conquest, 2nd Cloak and 3rd Teleportation) for us to carry out the Lord's redemption of lives. The details are in the below. The maximum distance between Earth and Mars is foue hundred million km (400,000,000), and the bad velocity of a UFOC is 10000 km per second, then it takes 40,000 seconds(11.1 hours) for UFOC to take people to Mars and another eleven hours for UFOC to bring people back to Earth from Mars. 

Moreover, from the below we can deduce that the ticket fro per people from Earth to Mars is less than ten thousand usd at the consumed fuel. After development we can lower the price of the ticket more and more to one hundred usd per people on one-way trip. The first UFOC to Mars will be named Lord One is that it is the redemption of life by the Lord. 

UFOC(Ultra Flying Omniphibian Craft): Let Life be the True First, Let Desert be Eden, Let None Road be Thoroughfare, Let Water Arrive Anywhere, Let Forbidden Zone be Flat 

AnyGo, AnyCome, AnyLoad, AnyVelocity, AnyWeather 

End Disasters, Wars, Crashes, Tsunamis, Fires and so on Free coming and going through space, water, fire, land… 

UFOC is the most heart-stirring achievement of Henry Hillton in 2014 and authorized to Zeppelin Interstellar Flight Corp in 2015. It is the greatest and the most perfect success and technology by our humen being hitherto. Now it starts to release to media and public to develop for our humen being. The tasks of UFOC are to end disasters, wars, hopeless aids, crashes, tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, etc. by free coming and going through space, water, fire, land, etc. Life is truly the first. UFOCs have super carry capacity and velocity: An engine that has the volume of a Benz motorcar of 16 cubic meters provides more than terra-tonforce (1012 tonforce) horsepower, or an engine with 10 grammes of media provides more than 314 tonforce horsepower. It take UFOCs less than a second to bring more than 10 billion units of 40' containers from Newyork to anywhere in the world. UFOCs is omniphibian so that it can traverse ocean, land, air, space, fire, ice and so on without additional actions due to without exchanging matter from or to the external space. UFOCs are not extraterrestrial technology but are ours on earth. UFOCs reduce the air crashes to the least degree or zero. UFOCs act as fire fighters for any building from the air or land with terra-tons of water or other fire-fighting source. 

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