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GREYHOUND RACING KILLS! While punters may lose their money, these victims are losing their lives.

The greyhound racing industry is on notice. 

Those who are willing to tie up, torture and kill animals in pursuit of a 'win' now have a national spotlight on their activities for the first time. 

With dozens of trainers now suspended, thousands of possums, rabbits and piglets will now be spared from the horror of being used as 'live bait'. 

But while greyhound racing continues, we fear that innocent animals will still be tied up and mauled to death on private training tracks — albeit more carefully hidden.

Out of all the major corporate supporters, just one company continues to support greyhound racing.

Link: http://www.greyhoundcruelty.com/?r=54eb3d4cac29014...

Links : http://www.greyhoundcruelty.com/?r=54eb3cff9d27914...

PLEASE sign and share the petition-help end the cruelty of greyhound racing once and for all.


Picture comes from the T SHIRT and HOODIE campaign.

Link: http://teespring.com/greyhound-racing-kills


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