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Warriors in Pink still has the same 4 org's on the non profit list to capitalize from the sales of WIP breast cancer merchandise sold on their website. These 4 org's Komen, The Pink Fund, Dr. Love Act with Love/Army of Women and YSC (Young Survivors Coalition) focus on early stage breast cancer and not on any significant multiple metastatic breast cancer research projects as they do for early breast cancer. According to the Landscape report published in Oct 2014 by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance led by the Avon Foundation reports that 7.1% of breast cancer research investments over the last dozen years were focused on MBC. The Landscape report analyzed 224 clinical trials, 2281 funded research grants, 7900 MBC patient responses to surveys and 175 literature articles on quality of life and epidemiological studies. Sadly over 40,000 women and men are dying each year and these numbers haven't changed in over 2 decades!!! So I say to Warriors in Pink-STAGE IV LIVES MATTER TOO!!! Share the wealth!!! Let us be a part of the choice options when giving our proceeds to charity! Add the Avon Foundation for Women, Metavivor and MBCN to the list of consumer charity choices!!! Footnote1*: The Pink Fund does NOT fund any scientific research and only provides short term assistance to women who fall on hardships during the first initial diagnosis of breast cancer treatment, going through active treatment and has a RECOVERY date specified by the attending physician, it excludes women who are long term or-METASTATIC! Stage IV is the 30% who go on to die of this "pink" disease yet funding for our specific class is a paltry 7%, please help us Warriors In Pink!!! Help be the change!!! Footnote 2*-Although the MBCN org is an advocacy group and doesn't necessarily give MBC research grants although they have in the past, they host annual MBC Conferences nationwide each year with travel grants given to patients who cannot afford to attend and is the glue that holds the MBC community together with up to date info on MBC patient education, empowerment and advocacy. MBCN spends all donations on giving back to the MBC community and should be dutifully recognized for candidacy in these MBC selections.





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