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This photo was taken by us at Smiling Dog Farms in Wharton, Texas on August 30th, 2014. Given the number of animals needing medical attention, lacking adequate shelter, and living in unsanitary conditions, we filed an animal welfare complaint with the Wharton County Sheriff and the Humane Society of the United States The Wharton County Sheriff closed the case as "unfounded." Our complaint about Smiling Dog Farms is not the first to be closed as unfounded by the Wharton County Sheriff who, in the words of the Wharton County District Attorney Ross Kurtz, is not "up" on the standards of care for animals in Texas.

Smiling Dog Farms is a failing rescue with more than 300 dogs. Only 56% of the dogs are spayed or neutered, and while the owners of Smiling Dog Farms, Jay Hellerich & Ricky Clements, acknowledge they've been toughing it for years, our efforts to provide assistance have come to a halt. Given our concerns about the welfare and ongoing care of the dogs, we have placed a Sanctuary Alert on Smiling Dog Farms.

If you are an individual or rescue that sent a dog to Smiling Dog Farms, please be your dog's advocate. Please contact Smiling Dog Farms about the welfare of your animal, request photos and video of your dog, and request a visit to see your animal in person. To help reduce the number of dogs, we encourage you to reclaim your dog from Smiling Dog Farms.

Keeping a dog alive is not giving a dog a life.

If you have information about Smiling Dog Farms, please contact us: [email protected]. — in Wharton, Texas.

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