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in Wharton, Texas is Smiling Dog Farms, a failing rescue that does not have the resources to spay and neuter all the animals in their care. Based on a veterinarian's inventory of the dogs at Smiling Dog Farms on November 4th, ~40% of the dogs are not fixed. With 300 dogs, that’s 120 dogs that are not spayed or neutered. It’s not just irresponsible rescue. It’s undoing the work that so many rescuers are tirelessly doing to save homeless pets from dying.
As a result, we have placed a Sanctuary Alert on Smiling Dog Farms. In addition to providing medical care and improving quality of life, spaying and neutering must be a top priority.
In these photographs we took at Smiling Dog Farms on August 30th: Elijah is the tan cutie, approximately 8 weeks old here. Smiling Dog Farms explained his mom accidentally got loose from her kennel and got pregnant. They reported just one puppy in the litter. We took Elijah for a vet check, and he was diagnosed as underweight.
The black puppy seen here did not have a name and was the only puppy we saw from this litter--a different litter than Elijah's. You'll note the black puppy walked through the fencing while we were there to come say hello to us.

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