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Since the beginning of time Christians and other peaceful religions have been persecuted by those who didn't believe, or followed more violent oppositional faiths. History repeats itself, what is sad however is, with history made more available to the masses then it was in those times. We should have been able to eradicate this intolerant blasphemic hatred that is aimed so viciously at us believers in the Lord.

For a time America was a shining beacon for the tolerance and respect of its faithful, at least for the most part. However times have changed, and people are starting to doubt again. Still it is not their doubt that is the problem, people are free to believe, or not believe whatever they wish. Its these people who do not believe, and start organizations to persecute those who do, that is the problem. Primarily these God hating, Christian bashing jerks over at Freedom From Religion.

Despite their name, they don't seek freedom from religion, they seek to impose their *opinions* not facts, their will on all of us who do believe. To corrupt the holy and peaceful message we are trying to instil in our children, caring, sharing, peace, etc. Simply because, they don't agree, personally, I don't really care what they think, its the fact that they try to force their views on us that infuriated me enough to start this petition. It needs to stop, I need your help, if you agree, then please sign this petition, and lets make this world a little more holy.

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