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406... Thanks to you, that's how few signatures we are away from our 10,000 signature goal to give middle-class Americans a break.

As the Washington Examiner reports, "[m]ore than four out of every five Americans identify themselves as middle class" and "this vast majority and the swing voters it encompasses keep signaling in polls that they are financially stressed..."

Sound like you or someone you know? Tired of shouting from the rooftops and hoping Washington will notice?

Let's do something about it...

Let's send Washington a message that these hardworking Americans deserve to keep more of the money they earn, so they're not so "financially stressed."

And let's send a message to these families: Help is on the way.

Will you take a moment right now to share this message with your friends on Facebook , Twitter and other social networks? Better yet, will you reach out to just 3 friends or family members and ask them to sign this important petition?

With your help, we can deliver much-needed relief to working parents throughout America. Thank you!


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