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Currently there is a Child Abuse Registry and a Sex Offender Registry in Australia, but what about our beloved pets and abused animals? This may be the answer.
In United States, State Senate majority leader Dean Florez proposed a bill that would require anyone convicted of a felony involving animal cruelty to register with the police for a public online forum, similar to sex offenders. Perhaps we should follow suit?
This registry would help identify people with a history of animal abuse, as well as serve as an early warning for future crimes, since people guilty of violent crimes often have a history of animal abuse. An online registry would also be useful for tracking these abusers, since many move to other states after they are caught. People who are involved in puppy farms, animal fighting rings, and hoarders of animals (which leads to neglect) could also be tracked more easily with an online registry.
An online registry of animal abusers would significantly benefit communities and law enforcement. Violence is more prevalent in our society and we need to take a stand to stop it from continuing. Any form of abuse should not be tolerated. Tell Prime Minister Tony Abbott it is time for an online animal abuse registry in Australia. Please be the voice for these innocent victims who have no voice. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERNCE WE CAN MAKE AN ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRY A REALITY!! THE TIME IS NOW!!

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