Update #2 ·

week two update

The Vet Hunters Project would like to thank you all for your support. In two weeks because of all of your efforts, we were able to obtain over 150k signatures. The first 100k signatures were crucial in allowing us to start a congressional inquiry. We understand that popularity will not award Chris the Medal of Honor. Our goal is to help bring light to him going above and beyond his duties as a sniper to lead and place his life when all he was supposed to do was "sit idly by". No Marine (myself included) will be offended to say that we were trained by a Navy Seal, I would consider that a bragging right.

It is possible that due to our efforts to gain attention to this cause that his former commanders can recommend this honor for him. With all of your efforts, we may learn of classified missions that placed him in "harms way".

I have read comments that he wrote a book for popularity, and that he went against his non disclosure agreement. For those people, my questions are, were you aware that he had DoD approval for his book and that he donated those proceeds to wounded warriors? Others state that he does and doesn't deserve the Medal. We all have our right to free speech. Just remember that if you won't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them. 

Semper Fi

-Vet Hunter Louie


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