Update #37 ·

The Genocide Accelerates

249 Wild Horses lost their freedom forever in Humboldt area of Nevada.  One stallion was killed and very young foals were separated from their mares during the helicopter chases. The contractors got a big fat check from the taxpayers and this area was "zeroed" out - no more wild horses.  Another roundup in California removed all wild horses and burros, also "zeroed" out. Here is the 2015 Blm roundup schedule: http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/whbprogram/herd_m...

I urge everyone to write to those individual Blm offices and copy your Senators & Representatives on those letters.  The wild ones need our voices more than ever as extinction in the wild draws nearer.  Don't let them disappear forever like the injured mare with her foal in the photo (they were never seen again after this photo was taken despite attempts to locate them). Call the Whitehouse and DEMAND A MORATORIUM 202-456-1111.  Beware of canned letters that promote dangerous PZP pesticide fertility control; use the contact information and create your own letter.  Our last remaining wild horses are already below genetic viability therefore fertility control is another extinction tool.  Independent flyovers reveal numbers left in the wild are far less than what Blm claims.  They are ENDANGERED SPECIES. Please don't forget that you pledged to raise awareness, contact someone new! 

There is an International Rally Day planned for April 25th!  Here's the link for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/365635923561155/    If you are not in a city with a rally already being organized, organize one yourself! 

For more info on pending litigation and wild horse issues, please visit ProtectMustangs.org


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